30 Hours Online

The Detailed Course Outline for the 30 Hours Drivers Education Online Program

Chapter 1 The Proper Attitude and Control System for Safe Driving

Module 1.1 The Proper Attitude and Control System for Driving

1.1.1 The Common Sense of Driving

1.1.2 Systems for Driver's Education and Control

Review 1.1

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Chapter 2 Pennsylvanian Laws and Regulations

Module 2.1 Traffic Laws Related to Safe Driving

2.1.1 Signs, Signals and Roadmarkings for Traffic Controls

2.1.2 Rules of the Road and their Applications

2.1.3 Established Speed Laws and Special Stops

2.1.4 Pedestrians' Rights and Responsibilities

Review 2.1

Module 2.2 Laws that Relate to Responsible Use of Vehicle

2.2.1 Registration of Vehicle

2.2.2 Proof of Financial Responsibility

2.2.3 Vehicle Safety and Emissions Inspection

2.2.4 Seat Belts

2.2.5 Other Laws on Responsible Use of Vehicle

Review 2.2

Module 2.3 Pennsylvania Licensing Procedures

2.3.1 Scope of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code

2.3.2 The Pennsylvania Driver's License

Review 2.3

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Chapter 3 Understanding the Vehicle and its Controls

Module 3.1 Knowledge of Vehicle Operations

3.1.1 Transmission in Automobiles

3.1.2 Vehicle Systems

3.1.3 Basic Vehicle Components

3.1.4 Visibility Devices

3.1.5 Vehicle Safety Equipments

3.1.6 Use of Communication Control Equipments

3.1.7 Maintenance and Precautionary Measures

3.1.8 Preventative Maintenance

3.1.9 Your Basic Car Care -Do It Yourself

3.1.10 Economic Operation of a Motor Vehicle

Review 3.1

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Chapter 4 Perceptual Skills Development

Module 4.1 Vision and Perception Requirements

4.1.1 Vision and Perception Requirements

Review 4.1

Module 4.2 Developing Perceptual Skills

4.2.1 Developing Perceptual Skills

Review 4.2

Module 4.3 Using the Basics of Perceptual Skills

4.3.1 Learning How to Use Perceptual Skills

Review 4.3

Module 4.4 Making Safe Driving Decisions

4.4.1 Organized Systems for Save Driving

Review 4.4

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Chapter 5 Developing Your Basic Driving Skills

Module 5.1 Standard Operating Procedure

5.1.1 Pre-Trip Inspection

Review 5.1

Module 5.2 Preparing to Drive

5.2.1 Starting, Moving, and Stopping

5.2.2 Space Management

5.2.3 Scanning and Seeing Clearly

Review 5.2

Module 5.3 Steering and Turning

5.3.1 Techniques in Steering and Turning

Review 5.3

Module 5.4 Step-By-Step Turn Making

5.4.1 Executing Turns

Review 5.4

Module 5.5 Crossing Intersections

5.5.1 Rules and Techniques

Review 5.5

Module 5.6 Lane Use and Position on the Roadway

5.6.1 Changing Lanes

Review 5.6

Module 5.7 Executing a Reverse in Direction

5.7.1 Turnaround or Turnabouts

Review 5.7

Module 5.8 Backing

5.8.1 Techniques in Backing

Review 5.8

Module 5.9 Starting and Stopping on a Hill

5.9.1 Techniques in Starting and Stopping on a Hill

Review 5.9

Module 5.10 Overtaking and Passing

5.10.1 Passing and Overtaking Other Vehicles

Review 5.10

Module 5.11 Acceleration and Braking

5.11.1 Speed, Deceleration and Braking

Review 5.11

Module 5.12 Parking the Vehicle

5.12.1 Techniques in Parking

Review 5.12

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Chapter 6 Influences Upon Driver Performance

Module 6.1 Causes and Adverse Effects of Disturbed Emotions (Mental and Physical Effects on Driving)

6.1.1 Effects of Disturbed Emotions

6.1.2 Attitudes and Motivations that Influence Teen Driving

Review 6.1

Module 6.2 The Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on a Person's Ability to Drive

6.2.1 Influencing Factors in the Use of Alcohol

6.2.2 The Problem of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

6.2.3 The Physiological and Psychological Effect of Alcohol on a Driver

6.2.4 Pennsylvania's Law is Tough on DUI

6.2.5 How to Detect an Impaired Driver and What Should You Do

Review 6.2

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Chapter 7 Driving Under Hazardous Conditions

Module 7.1 Emergencies and Bad Weather

7.1.1 Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

7.1.2 Handling Equipment Problems and Emergencies

Review 7.1

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Chapter 8 Driving in Different Environments

Module 8.1 The Demands of Different Driving Situations

8.1.1 Demands of City Driving

8.1.2 Demands of Freeway Driving

8.1.3 Demands of Driving on an Open Highway

Review 8.1

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Chapter 9 Sharing the Road

Module 9.1 Sharing the Roadway and Passing other Motorists

9.1.1 Passing

9.1.2 Sharing the Road

Review 9.1

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